My Top 5 Jordan 1s

With the news of the Jordan 1 ‘Top 3’ spiraling all through the internet, I thought I would take this time to note my Top 5 Jordan 1s of all time. Be mindful of the word “my”.

  • Starting at 5 is


Air Jordan 1 Premier ‘Red Army’.

A not so popular choice but I simply love this colorway. Still mad to this day that I do not have them anymore. Easily slept on.

  • 4


Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal’.

This pair can easily be deemed as some people’s favorite pair of Jordan 1s of all time.

  • 3


Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’

To me this is just classic.

  • 2


Air Jordan 1 ‘Shadows’

The colorway way is a win. It is low key and subtle but has enough pop to them.

  • 1


Air Jordan 1 ‘Breds’

For me, it starts and ends with this colorway. From 2 on down, can be interchangeable, but the Black/Red aka Breds will always sit at number 1 on my list.



Air Jordan 1 ‘Black Toe’


Air Jordan 1 ‘Fragments’


Air Jordan 1 ‘Shattered Backboard’


  • Easily Slept On!! Air Jordan 1 Lows

This silhouette is just clean and classic to me. I do believe, the OG silhouettes of the Lows will be highly sort after in a few years from now.






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